Test Plaques

Members of the oil and grease industry need control reference rubber compounds to evaluate the effects of changes in oil or grease composition or additive packages on rubber. ARDL is the approved source for these vital control compounds. The plaques (6" x 6" x 0.080" cured rubber sheets) are produced by ARDL under carefully controlled and monitored conditions. The plaques are available for overnight delivery to your laboratory.

All materials & test plaques are certified to AMS, SAE and Mercon ATTR specifications. ARDL is a member of the National Lubrication Grease Institute.

AMS Materials and Rubber Test Slabs (Plaques) for the Oil and Grease Industry

AMS Description Price 1-8 QTY Price 9+ QTY
AMS 3217/1B Acrylonitrile Butadiene (NBR-H) Medium/High ACN $45/each $40/each
AMS 3217/2C Acrylonitrile Butadiene (NBR-L) Low ACN $45/each $40/each
AMS 3217/4C Viton (FKM) $55/each $50/each
AMS 3217/3C Neoprene (CR) $45/each $40/each
AMS 3217/5B Fluorosilicone (FVMQ) $65/each $60/each
Navy "S" Navy "S" Silicone; Silicone Rubber $65/each $60/each

SAE J2643 Polymer Plaques:  (10 Plaque Minimum)

ACM-1 Polyacrylate $45/each
ACM-2 AR-12 HYTEMP $50/each
AEM-1 Ethylene Acrylic $50/each
AEM-2 G Type, TP759 $55/each
AEM-3 GLS, TP759 $60/each
AEM-4 DP, no plasticizer $60/each
ECO-1 Epichlorohydrin $45/each
FEPM-1 AFLAS 100 S $80/each
FKM-1 Bisphenol AF, 68% Fluorine $65/each
FKM-2 Bisphenol AF, 66% Fluorine $65/each
FKM-3 Viton GBL 600S, 68% Fluorine $65/each
FKM-4 LTFE 6400 $230/each
FKM-5 Technoflon PL855 64% FI $75/each
FKM-6 BRE Tg@-9°C $75/each
FKM-7 BRE Technoflon BR9151 $80/each
FVMQ-1 Fluorosilicone $65/each
HNBR-1 Hydrogenated Nitrile $55/each
NBR-1 28 ACN/Sulfur Nitrile $45/each
NBR-2 28 ACN/Peroxide Nitrile $45/each
VMQ-1 Silicone $60/each

Ford Mercon ATTR Plaques: (10 Plaque Minimum)

ACM 201 $50/each
AEM 500 $50/each
CSM 600 $45/each
FKM 400 $60/each
HNBR 700 $60/each
NBR-1 $45/each


If you would like more information or to order plaques, please contact ARDL via email or by phone at (866) 778-ARDL or (330) 434-6665.